Sunbeam 5891 Bread Maker – Complete Review

Bread maker or bread machine is an integral part of our kitchen’s appliance fleet. When it comes to purchasing the perfect bread maker, either you have to settle for a low-quality appliance that’s affordable or go for the expensive one that’s good quality. However, you don’t have to settle with the a low-quality bread machine anymore, in this Sunbeam 5891 Bread Machine Reviews we are going to tell you about an excellent bread maker – Sunbeam Bread Maker 5891.

Sunbeam 5891 Bread Maker —  Details and Features

Sunbeam comes with a shining white color. This bread maker is slightly bulky so you must make sure that it gets some open space rather than a full cupboard. After testing it for several days, we can confidently recommend it to you. Here are the details and features of this bread machine:

Product Weight: 18.6 pounds

Product Dimensions: 15 x 10 x 13 inches

Size: 2 LB

Loaf Capacity: 1.5 – 2lb

Color: White

Timer: 13 hour timer

Crust Selection: light, medium and dark

Special Feature: ExpressBake to bake loaf within an hour


Sunbeam 5891 comes with a range of fantastic features that are useful for customers with all sorts of demands. The best thing about it is that both beginners and experts can handle it without any hassle, it has every feature (along with a few additional) that you’d expect in a good bread maker.

12 Baking Settings

Sunbeam 5891 comes with an impressive 12 bake settings feature. This feature helps the bakers to make a wide variety of breads, cakes, and jams. Those who want to be a bit creative with their baking skills can take help of this feature.

The 12 bake settings include:

  • French
  • Whole wheat
  • Basic
  • Quick
  • Sweet
  • ExpreeBake(1.5 – 2lb)
  • Dough
  • Jam
  • Cake
  • Sandwich
  • Bake

With the help of this excellent feature, you don’t have to spend more time googling tutorials to make any of these recipes. You can impress the guests and friends with the delicious items you bake with Sunbeam 5891.

Crust Shade Selection

Another features Sunbeam 5891 has crust shade selection. By using crust shade selection, you can choose the shade of crust of bread. You can choose light, medium or dark shade for the crust. Here’s a thing though, the “Light” shade setting toasts the crusts a bit darker than actual light shade we usually see. It’s not a deal breaker but can be annoying for those bakers who expect their crust to look as best as possible.

13-Hour Timer

Sunbeam has a 13-hour delay timer feature that allows the user to bake anything as per their schedule. You don’t have to reschedule your busy day to bake. You can leave it overnight for baking, and get a fresh loaf of bread in the morning. You can also get it started in the morning to bake and come home to a delicious loaf of bread with a pleasant aroma. Users find this feature of delay timer quite convenient.

Non-Stick Pan

The baking pan of Sunbeam is the dishwasher friendly. You can wash it along with other dishes in dishwasher if you prefer not to wash it by hand. It is a non-stick baking pan which makes it easier for bakers to remove the bread and clean it.

Viewing Window

Sunbeam comes with a viewing window that allows you to monitor the entire process of dough turning into a loaf. Let’s admit it; it can be fun to watch breadmaker make bread through the viewing window as you are waiting for it to finish the baking.

Loaf Sizes

You can bake the bread in two sizes – 1.5 to 2 lb. While 1.5 lb loaf is the smallest size it can bake, it’s enough if you are feeding a couple of people. On the other hand, 2 lb size is great for throwing a large dinner.

Keep Warm Mode

Keep Warm Mode is an interesting feature in the Sunbeam. It keeps the finished bread warm for an hour, means if you’re not there to remove the bread while the machine is done with the baking, you don’t have to come back to a cold, lifeless bread. It keeps it fresh and hot for an hour. The feature is helpful for those who can’t immediately unload the bread from the machine due to some other task.

Ready Recipes

If you are learning to bake bread on Sunbeam 5891 you don’t have to browse online for the recipes. It comes with some easy-to-bake recipes on the back of the instruction manual. You can read those recipes to bake something interesting in the bread machine. It’s a nice feature for those who don’t know how to bake bread.

Sunbeam 5891 Bread Maker — Pros & Cons

After testing the bread machine for several days, we’ve decided to include the positive as well as negative aspects of it in Sunbeam Bread Maker reviews. You can use the following points to determine whether to buy Sunbeam 5891 or not.


Perfect for everyday use

Everyone wants a breadmaker that’s durable, easy to use and affordable. Sunbeam 5891 Bread Maker is a product that fulfills all the criterias. It’s great for providing everyday supply of fresh, deliciou bread for families. Sunbeam is a durable product, no matter how frequently you use it will give you good output. Sunbeam is a great option if you don’t want to knead the dough, learn the nuances of bread making or just want to save time & efforts. Sunbeam takes care of all these things and bakes pretty good breads.

Easy to use

The number one priority of a baker when buying any bread maker is, it has to be easy to use, and we confidently say that Sunbeam is pretty easy to use for anyone. Even an amateur baker can find it user-friendly. It’s an excellent machine for those who are new to baking. All you have to do is toss in the ingredients, select the preferences, press the start button and wait for it to bake a delicious loaf of bread. If you want to access user manual before baking anything, you can read it here: Sunbeam 5891 Bread Maker User Manual.

Cleaning is hassle-free

Cleaning the bread machine can be an annoying job with some bread machine, but that’s not the case with Sunbeam 5891. All you need is a sponge to clean the interior of bread maker. It just takes a few seconds to wipe up the spill inside the machine. The non-stick pan for baking the bread saves your efforts and time.

Quick baking

What if you have the guests coming over your place for dinner? Don’t worry. Sunbeam has got your back. Sunbeam 5891 comes with a feature – Express Bake, it allows you to bake a loaf of fresh within an hour. Great feature for unexpected situations.



The biggest problem with Sunbeam is that it can create real loud noise during the kneading process. If you are planning to bake something throughout the night, make sure to place it somewhere in the house where it can’t disturb you or neighbors. Some people have complained that the vibrations during kneading were so intense that the machine could walk itself off the table or platform. We didn’t experience this during the testing, but it’s important to take note of the potential hazard.

Bad Recipes

Another problem with Sunbeam is that recipes listed in the instruction manual are full of errors that can ruin your bread(and party!). For example, the manual says to use too much yeast, which is not good for bread as it can fall in the middle. We recommend you to look up for recipes on the internet or use any cookbook to avoid these mistakes that can ruin the bread. We hope that the company will get rid of those errors in manuals in the latest batch of products.

No Gluten-free setting

We have sad news for those bakers who make the gluten-free bread. Unfortunately, Sunbeam 5891 Bread Maker doesn’t come with a gluten-free setting. Those who are into gluten-free foods, this machine is not ideal for you.

Sunbeam 5891 Bread Maker – Customer Opinion About The Product


“This bread maker was chosen because it looked like it would be easy to use and had the settings I needed. Never having used a bread maker before I wanted it to be simple and easily understood and this product was a perfect fit, I  enjoy using this machine and am glad I bought it. I’m going to recommend this product to my friends and relatives.”

I love this bread machine. It makes my recipes perfectly. You can’t beat the excellent value for the price. You should buy this bread maker without hesitation.”


“Disappointed. The bread tastes dry and is very dense. Followed recipe in the booklet to the letter. 3 loaves so far and have yet to enjoy the bread. They need to improve the recipes they have provided in the manual.”

“I have tried and tried can’t make a decent loaf of bread on this machine, the instruction recipe booklet must be incorrect.”


Now that we have seen both positive and negative reviews of customers, we can say in the conclusion that Sunbeam 5891 Bread Maker is a good product for those who are new to the art of baking or those who don’t pay an extravagant amount for a decent bread maker that’s good for daily use. This bread maker makes perfect loaves, is affordable and durable. However, it’s not for you if you can’t look up for recipes somewhere else other than the manual that comes with errors or can’t tolerate the noise it makes. Sure, it does have its downsides, but overall, this bread maker is an excellent choice to get the bread done. We hope you’ve enjoyed our Sunbeam 5891 Bread Machine Reviews, and it will surely help you buy the bread machine best for you.